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feedPost on DO


An app to share your published posts or create a new one.

Program for the People


Get badges on your feed-ins based on the type of post you feed in

Shared Post

Get a Shared Post badge


Author Post

Get an Author badge



If you are the first person to love the post



Finding posts or the feeders is now just a tap away


Refresh Button

Although it was fairly simple to get realtime feeds on the service, but still kept it the classic way. This is one of the most addictive buttons on the app


Login Card

It looks so cool its tough to choose whether to actually login or just stare at it for a few more seconds


Blurred Glass Effect aka Glassmorphism

Using Glassmorphism at a few places were one of the best design decisions, and the very first place to look at it is in the header



feedPost allows its users(feeders) to create a new post, or share a previously published post. I know feedpost is no different than many other available services, but the main difference lies in it's simplistic approach towards user experiences. People only get to see what they should(feeds).


What makes this app stand out from other similar services?

Neither simplistic designs guarantees a better user experience nor a better color scheme. Instead what works for a better user experience is understanding, what a user thinks when he first come across the app.
The very first question which comes up in his mind is ...

What is this app?

It is very important to give this answer to the user.
And from that point the questions and answers starts to move in a direction you want

feedPost is designed, developed and structured for better user experience

There are a few features which I am thinking of implementing in the app PWA(Progressive Web Apps) is definitely one of them.

Link to Source Code



This app is one of my dream apps, so when I got to know about the hackathon I wanted to do this. I wanted to create a place where people can do some productive work, or a place where they can learn from and many more such things. Nor that there is not any such place but because I had a dream, and I wanted to do that. And the hackathon came at a very good time. I managed to take out the time to build the app.

How I built it

I had never tried to host any real world app on any platform, which has its database, authentication and storage. So it was actually my first time publishing the app. I actually tried this 2-3 times by destroying the app and then recreating because the process of deployment was so simple, you just need to select your github repo, and then a few more clicks and your app just goes live. And the best feature for me was its auto-deploy.
I was thinking of building a static app, which gets dynamically updated after a few api calls, kind of jamstack web apps. So I started building the app, and in less than a month of developing the app, I can definitely say static sites can not only just look good but also can allow us to write better apps & think more about user experiences.

Additional Resources/Info

I have used Firebase Authentication, Cloud Firestore in this project. And used create-react-app for building react components.

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