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I agree it is about communication. But, I believe "thinking out loud (verbalizing thoughts)" is not necessary for communication. Instead, a conversation with pauses to select, edit, and arrange thoughts before verbalizing them might work well; in fact, this would lead to better communication.


Don’t disagree. I think it’s the easier way to get people to talk. There is value in it, but it’s better do some other structure that sparks dialog with the same or greater benefit.

Out of curiosity, assuming you mean "other structure/mode than conversation", what would be such structure/mode that provide same or greater benefit?

I believe my first comment is a fine example.

Talk out load your thought pattern is different than a conversation. In the two cases I gave, we promote conversation, not someone just describing what we are watching.

Ah, I suppose pair programming would work; I haven't tried it cos' I don't test for coding during in-person interviews. As for whiteboard coding/problem solving, I suppose it would work as long as it is a conversation/dialogue as opposed to a monologue with interruptions by the interviewer :)

Yep, that is exactly the idea. For me that is a practical assessment. Someone talking unnaturally over doing a algorithm does not does not represent how the person will be as a developer or what it will be like to work with them.

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