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Investment in your Engineering team

Investment In Your Engineering Team

As a software engineer or an employee in general, it always feel good when your company care about your needs, both personal and career developments. It is a sign of trust, an investment that you value or even a reason to join the team in the first place.

Recently, my close friend was reaching out to me about a problem in his workplace that put him in a difficult position which most probably will led him leaving the company. It was an unfortunate matter to say the least.

To heard this kind of thing, as a fellow engineer, that's really upsetting. I believe we could do better to keep valuable team member and encouraging their improvement that needed by the team itself. So, here's the investment I believe will keep people happy and comfortable while also boost their performance.

Provide an arsenal

Let's say your engineer are soldiers. They need weapons. Providing the right tool is crucial to make their job efficient and effective. When you can afford them a decent unit of laptop, it already an investment that you willing to make which also a saying that the company is willing to help with challenges they meet or will meet when delivering products or features.

While this is common practice, I am aware some companies or startups have difficulty to provide stuff. Here's the thing, the key is to communicate or have an understanding between you and your engineer, whether you can afford their needs now, later or maybe you never. I believe they are happier for an answer rather than saying nothing.

It also does not have to be a product, a computer or monitor screens it could also be a course, workshops, etc. which bring us to the next investment strategy.

Help them with their journey

The thing I acknowledge about being a software engineer, is that learning is essential to stay in the game. With software engineering tools and frameworks improving really fast, there are demands and desires to keep up with it. This could decide how we as an engineer choose our path.

Providing access to course, workshops or meet-ups are often underrated. While the benefits are not seen immediately, this could bring value both for the engineer and the company. It will send a message that the company cares about their knowledge, skill and career growth in a good way. Please don't forget that after those events they will come back to the office and works there for God knows how long. I believe giving them access to those means adding value to your team too, it could help them solve your business problems, it could them provide broad choice of solutions when facing those problems.

There's a saying that I embrace hoping if I ever manage a team that's

The problem is not when you developed your employee and they go away, but it's when they are under develop and they stay

Hopefully this could give you insights when you are building or maintaining teams. I believe to nurture good relationship with your employee or your employer is key to achieving the mutual goals which can be happen by giving each other your best.

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