Discussion on: HTML, CSS & JS are not enough (esp if you plan to be a independent dev)

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Richard Wood

Great article. I work as an independent remote developer and sorry, I can't agree with a lot of this.

My view:

There is no need to go anywhere near PHP (WordPress). Run away from such work if you can.
Windows is essential and all that is needed for most .Net developers. And that is a great job market.

Most of the rest of the list is part of a much bigger picture where there are alternatives that could just as easily be being used in your next job. So best to pick up what you need when you need it. You only have so much time - better to learn on the job as then you are being paid to learn, not trying to second guess what you need from a huge menu of possibilities at your own time cost.

Also don't spend your own time learning stuff you aren't interested in. You'll only end up in jobs you don't enjoy. This is exemplified by the "DevOps" trap. DevOps was a trend that seemed to make a developer more valuable and versatile. What it actually leads to is doing less development and more ops. Ask yourself if that is what you really want.

In your spare time for your own projects, start with what you want to achieve. If you want to learn functional programming, go and learn Elm. If you want to do maps, go learn Mapbox. If you really love the command line then go and learn Bash to your heart's content. Just completing your own web project will expose you to server deployment, but don't fret that you didn't use AWS. Yes you will get people who wont hire you without specific AWS experience. But who would want to work for such a wanker.