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I graduated college in May with a degree in Marketing. Towards the end of my college career I was able to free up some time to take a few coding classes (something that I had been wanting to do for a while). I was able to finish with some work in HTML and a basic understanding of Python and Javascript. I became incredibly interested after the classes and since have been highly considering pursuing a career as a programmer.

Unfortunately, I am not exactly sure where to start. Many people recommend self-teaching and/or Bootcamps. Even when it comes to self teaching or simply practicing, I am unsure which languages are best to dive into/most relevant. I understand that much of it depends on what I am looking to do, but if there is any insight into specific languages that are good to begin with then I would love to hear.

I think a Bootcamp may be something that would benefit me most, but even then I am curious to hear thoughts on Bootcamps in general. Also, if you would recommend enrolling in a Bootcamp, which ones are the best and/or notoriously the worst?

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