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Can Use of Mobile Applications Aid in Increasing Productivity of Oil and Gas Industries?

ryanmiller profile image Ryan Miller ・3 min read

Mobile Applications Aid in Increasing Productivity of Oil and Gas Industries
Workers rely heavily on the use of rugged smartphones as they often work at remote onsite locations. Extracting data takes time, is time sensitive and affects company's sales and revenue in a big way. The diversification and distribution of mobile and virtual workforce have brought this challenge to a new level that cannot be addressed by yesterday's technology.

With the new ways of working and highly competitive and fast-changing business environment, it has become increasingly important to share agile information in real time. Top mobile app development companies adopt some universal collaboration drivers with every application they develop:
• Reduce the costs associated with travel
• Improve productivity
• Speed-up decision making

• Enhance responsiveness to prevailing market conditions

Oil and gas companies often comprise of a diverse set of users which can be spread at various locations. In case there is a lack of access to consistent communication capabilities, it will simply imply that the relevant and effective communication will be limited to simple phone calls and emails. This will definitely obstruct the real-time sharing of time-bound, critical, complex and contextual details which would, in turn, be helpful in taking informed decisions.

Oil Industries have to manage factors like:

• Requirements change for raw materials
• Exploration through production
• Specialization in use of equipment

• Rights of land
• Skill sets of employees
• Departments within companies
• Efficient transport
These requirements keep on shifting and affect business continuity, productivity, and profitability.

In addition to this, a continuous monitoring is required for environmental, regulatory, economic, weather/climate, and political concerns. This also calls for sharing information about new events quickly and accurately. So there is a persistent need for project managers and seniors to stay abreast with the current happenings in order to communicate effectively and respond in a timely manner.

Why are New Solutions required for New Ways of Working?

Top app development companies in India try to get rid of the old mold of enterprise collaboration solutions, as customers increasingly demand new technologies according to the rise in technological innovation. While the focus of development is towards increasing ease of use, flexibility, interoperability, reliability to improve audio and video communication across all levels, reducing cost, everything goes hand in hand.

The Technical Use Case - How Oil and gas companies are benefitted from Use of Mobile Applications?

• Video recording and conferencing from smartphones and tablets can improve remote exploration of new locations

• Mobile devices are increasingly being used by oil and gas industries to improve troubleshooting
• Inefficiencies are identified by the help of video conferencing. It also makes following of best practices easy and to standardize operations and procedures which further helps in acting quickly on findings.

• Seniors and project managers can conduct video conferencing and take their entire team in the loop. Multi-functional teams sitting at various locations along with their other partners from designs, logistics, the supply chain can all be kept updated via effective communications with the help of mobile applications. It also becomes easy to address all the subsequent issues in the same way.

In addition to this installing custom applications on smartphones, can help in handling data collection, safety compliance, and inspection reports.

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