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Discussion on: I made over 1,000 code reviews - this is what I learned

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Ryan Walker

"Bigger requests require exponentially more time to review." I disagree with this. It really boils down to how complex the changes are, but most of the time it's much easier to review 1 PR that's 20 files than 2 PR's that are 10 files each. Each PR takes some setup time to get the code running and understand what changes are happening. And even if the bigger PR required more time, it wouldn't be "exponentially" more.

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Juraj Malenica Author

Hmmmm maybe we're looking at it differently. It seems to me that you are talking about having one logical change (e.g. feature) in 1 MR vs. 2 MRs. I agree that 1 MR is preferable.

But I often see someone develop a feature and do a refactor or an unrelated bug fix, contributing to the file changed count. In that case I would rather have 2 MRs than one, because I'm losing focus from the important things.