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If the COVID-19 stimulus package was stacked as $100 bills

How tall is 2.2 trillions stacked as $100 bills?

After debating with friends how tall $1 million USD stacked as $100 bills would be, I decided to run the actual math. Assuming a thickness of 0.010922 centimeters, or 0.0043 inches per bill, it turns out to be just above 1 meters (1.09m | 3.58ft), or about the height of a normal, adult size bicycle.

I've decided to create a little ELM application with a slider for 1M, 10M, 100M etc. all the way to 2.2 trillions, which is how much the Reserve Bank decided to inject into the economy to fight COVID-19. Each step has an image representing how high the stack would be to make it easier to visualise.

Here it is: COVID-19 stimulus stacked as $100 notes

On the development side of things, the part that took the most time, by far, was making it work on mobile and desktop. On desktop, the slider sits at the bottom and is displayed horizontally, while on mobile the slider sits at the left and is displayed vertically. Keeping the numbers aligned with the slider was definitely a challenge.

Desktop slider

Mobile slider

For anyone wondering, it is a HTML slider (input type="range") with a datalist. You can style the slider by removing the default styles with appearance: none (needs prefixes, I use autoprefixer with postcss to automatically prefix anything that needs it).

While it is not incredibly useful or beautiful (you can probably tell that my photoshop skills are subpar), took a lot of time fiddling around with styles, I am still pretty happy with the result.

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