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Great post, I agree with those improvements. Companies recruiting often do not follow the golden rule of "treat people the way you want to be treated" which is disappointing. I get that it is more effort for them and a company exists to make money, but leading someone on only to completely ghost them is a common occurrence and unacceptable in my book. At least send a canned response.

I especially like the part about not being black and white with job descriptions. A candidate could be the most experienced JavaScript/TypeScript developer on the planet and a great fit in other areas, but if the job posting says Angular and they never touched Angular, they are rejected. Hire the person that has the background and qualities you are looking for, not only those experienced in a very specific tool. They can pick up that tool and contribute in many different ways if they are the right fit.


Thank you! that's very true. It's really frustrating when you know you're a good developer and can do the job but they don't give you the chance to show just how quickly you'd be able to pick up a new technology. But then again it shows it's probably not the sort of place that would be nice to work!

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