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Discussion on: How to use Ionicons v5 with Vue.js

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Ryan Smith

I believe that is the current recommended approach, but I agree that it isn't as clean as it could be. A Vue component to wrap the Ionicons component might make it feel more integrated, but I have not done that before. This approach also works with any Web Component, not just Ionicons.

Ionic is working on a way to have Stencil output targets with framework bindings because including Web Components in frameworks can be awkward, so that will streamline the process a little more and make them seem more like they belong in the framework app. Unfortunately, the Vue version has not had progress on it compared to Angular and React, but it is on their list.

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Andreas Author • Edited on

Thank you very much for this detailed statement! Glad to know that I'm not doing something weird 😅 Let's hope that there will be some progress for Vue soon.