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Discussion on: React's Odd Obsession With Declarative Syntax

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Ryan Carniato

These problems have nothing to do with Declarative. Simply the fact that React using a Virtual DOM is actually an imperative flow. It re-runs everything over and over on render. A sequence of commands. It reconstructs a new tree over and over and then diffs it. The solution is to only render stuff that doesn't change once. Then being declarative makes sense. There are no weirdness like Hook Rules. Hooks are basically trying to fix the model but they do it (very cleverly) backwards. They whitelist changes for components that render continuously. What if instead it was only the hooks and the bindings that re-ran over and over again, instead of the Component body?

So I actually think being Declarative is the goal. React's implementation just falls short. The expectation is that when you give up imperative control you have the most optimized things happening in the background. We assume that with HTML rendering and we assume that with a React tree. For React it just pushes us into a model built on constant reconstruction. We can prevent that but it still means playing into this top-down repeat rendering.

And now for the plug. This is exactly what SolidJS solves: Even other Reactive libraries like Svelte and Vue can suffer from this "React" problem, in that their granularity is at a Component level. They can be smarter on what Components to update but they still re-evaluate Components completely at a time. Solid is basically the React Syntax but fine granular updates that avoid this altogether for optimum performance.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Interesting! And thank you for the thoughtful feedback. I will definitely give SolidJS a look.