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Ryan Tiner

which do you want to use as our primary method of communication? this website or reddit? personally i prefer reddit - but we have so many options to choose form. we'll have to simplify our agreed upon communication preferences. also i should note that i just got out of surgery so im home all the time...no job...so any time is good for me when you want to work on something. right now i have a pot of coffee brewed up and im going to be studying this shit all night tonight until i pass out. i want to make some progress before i go to bed on my end. if you have google hangouts you can reach me by my email address. additionally if you have discord you can add me, my user name is: MrQuil#3811

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Michael Lustig - halfjew22@gmail.com Author

Did you get my email? That works best for me right now but I’m thinking I’m going to set up a Discord soon.

Definitely let’s continue over email.

If you didn’t receive an email from me yet I’m halfjew22@gmail.com