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Discussion on: Day 18 of #100daysofcode: Head Down

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Ryan Whelchel Author

Thank you so much for the kind words! It's motivating to see people following my challenge and engaging with it!

Yeah I'm leaning towards sticking with Flask because there are many unknowns already with this project, so I want to at least have a base I am comfortable with. I do keep hearing great things about Django, which makes me really want to learn more about it and try to get more familiar with it. Part of me wants to use it just to challenge myself as well.

I didn't know Heroku was a wrapper for AWS! Admittedly, I have done little research into Heroku, as it kind of just worked. I have only used the free features of Heroku so far, so the pricing hasn't affected me yet.

I was considering looking into AWS certification later in this challenge if I had the time; maybe I will learn to deploy via AWS after I have finished my Study Aid app? That may be a good time to learn about Docker as well!

Thank you so much for the information. Hearing about the tools that I'm using from the perspective of somebody who uses them in the industry is invaluable.

Parting question: Do you know of anybody who uses Flask professionally? Have you heard much about Flask for professional use?

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Keoni Garner

Flask is a really solid minimal framework. You’d be surprised to see its use cases in the industry.

^ This is a good resource to see what companies use which technologies.

In fact, even though we’re a Django/Golang shop at Included Health, we are entertaining using Flask for a small component of our architecture since Django would be overkill.

Django is a beast, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone start with it. You only really see the value of it when you see just how much it does for you.

To your points about AWS / Docker, that sounds like a perfectly reasonable path for learning. Use what works to finish the app, then maybe polish/re-architect it to use industry best practices.

Best of luck!