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Discussion on: Do you use Linux? Answer for the chance to appear on the DevDiscuss podcast!

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Ryan Brown

I use Linux. But also Windows. I prefer Linux for a variety of tasks as it much better supports the concept of a general purpose computer. Like others have said, I can eek out a few more years of usability from hardware by switching to Linux. My VMs run Linux as well as my CI and CD pipelines, (either in a VM or Linux container.)
I don't use Linux for my primary human interface systems. Those are windows, as that is what it is best at. Presenting tools and interfaces to the user. (and games, I know there are Linux games and many games for Windows can run in Linux, but its not worth my time when something that works is right there)
For any kind of server process, Linux is ideal. Server processes that require Windows mean I'm looking for an alternative.
A lot of the utility comes from extensive package repositories, open source software, mature build tools and scripting for automation.
Windows has power-shell, but it's often not straight forward, and relies on the applications you're using having good APIs or command line tools which can be a hindrance when missing.