Creating a Multiplayer Game with WebRTC

Ryan Baxley on July 10, 2017

My goal with this project was to develop an online multiplayer game which would use as little server resources as possible. I was hoping to be a... [Read Full]
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Can webRTC connect with global network and ios Devices?


iOS 11 is the first iOS version to support WebRTC.


But I cannot connect with device in external network. I just only connect with same wifi

No, you can connect any internet connected device with any other internet connected device, even if they are on different networks.


Actually you meant iOS 11 is the first to support webrttc in its browser (safari). You could develop native apps with webrtc in previous versions too.


hi ryan, how to handle the incoming stream from peer. want to prompt the user to accept/reject before getting the audio/video/data stream.


I just wanted to use this game for my project. Can i know how can i access this??


The app was bootstrapped with create-react-app, so you can start it with npm install followed by npm start.

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