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I finally got the call to do the technical interview i felt it went well, we where actually jokking and having fun with my interviwer. Next day I get an email, you are continuing the selection process and they gave me a code challenge to do, he told me, any questions, just let me know,really anything he said, ok i asked him a few questions, i was super stoked couldnt even concentrate, two days go by I hadnt answered one of his emails. Then he took very long to reply my questions .finally at the end of the challenge i shared my github repo link with him,he never answered back, I feel this guy got butt hurt because I didnt reply to his email in like two days, then I never got back in his good graces, am I at fault here? maybe I am, but I feel thats lack of professionalism on his end .. thats all . I feel I want to troll this guy hard but idk .. how could he do that to me :(

I was so in ..


That's is pretty common, believe me. But you can learn a lot from every experience, even like this. Don't give up, you're a warrior! =)

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