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Install macOS guest on Windows 10

we all know that mac operating systems are only operatable on Mac machines. And non-mac devices do not support macOS. Is this true?
Well, to some extend, it is true. Officially you cannot install macOS on Windows PC. however, we must recognize that we are living in the 21st century. And technology has become advance to the level that it can make things possible. and similarly, the technology itself has brought a method to install mac operating systems on non-mac devices such as Windows, Kali Linux, or Ubuntu.

Now, you can install mac operating systems on these non-mac operating systems.

Secondly, you might think it as a malicious or harmful way to do it. What if I say there is a 100%ligit way to do it.

Yes, there is some new software, that are used for this purpose. Those are called Virtual machine software. Software like Virtualbox or VMware workstations are such software.

These two software are globally recognized software for desktop virtualization. This software was primarily developed to run multiple Operating systems on only one device.

These two software are globally recognized software for desktop virtualization without any fraud and spam.

Moreover, for your information, I would like to say that VirtualBox is the software by Oracle cooperation which is available free and open-source software for desktop virtualization.

While VMware workstation is a paid tool by the VMware corporation for the same purpose.
So, if you want to install macOS on Windows PC. Then these two software are the best options to do it.
So, for this purpose, you can get help from the following article.

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