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Discussion on: What habit do many senior engineers have that juniors should try to avoid adopting?

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Safder Iqbal

Having strong opinions, weakly held.
It's a fundamental in having a constructive discussion, technical or otherwise. It's also an excellent way to "absorb" knowledge from other developers.

The strong opinions aspect means that you know and put across a compelling argument for the topic of conversation. This doesn't mean that you must be a subject matter expert, only that you can advocate for the topic.
The key is only weakly holding it, and this is something I have been guilty of in the past.
Weakly holding the opinion means you are still open to have your opinion changed based on the discussion. It doesn't equate yourself to "losing" the argument, it just means that you have considered the merits of both arguments and now see the benefits of the apposing opinion.

Not taking this approach can lead to something that Eric Dietrich has blogged about; the expert beginner.
There's also many articles on this principle out there, but I would recommend reading the post by Jeff Atwood.