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Jariullah Safi
Jariullah Safi

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Org mode with Spacemacs

I recently started making videos about Spacemacs and my most recent one is about using org mode. You can find it here.

I'm looking for general feedback as well as suggestions. Current plan is to keep making videos in this style for a number of spacemacs topics as well as for other productivity boosting tools like i3, zsh, etc. Hope you all like it :)

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Gus Mustakas

Hey Jariullah!

I found you video randomly on youtube a few days ago and just came across this post coincidentally. Small internet... I thought the video was really well done and concise. I was excited to watch the whole series but then realized that was a brand new post and you haven't finished the next videos yet :). Looking forward to them when the come. I have been a partime spacemacs user for for about a year now. These past few weeks I have really committed to having it be my one stop shop. Thanks for the content!

  • Gus
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Jariullah Safi

Hey thanks for watching. Yes I'm working on more videos as time permits :)

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Lalit Kumar

Hey Jariullah,

I really liked your spacemacs videos. I am hoping to see more videos from you on some really interesting topics in spacemacs for an increase in productivity while coding in spacemacs.

Actually, the idea of the Absolute Minimum is good. Your way of presenting is awesome.

Hope to see some more videos soon.