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In what context are we using "Passion" I guess? I first saw a computer in 1989. Knew nothing about it, but somehow felt connected to its future potential. Something about it. 2019, 30 years has gone by and I my passion for what is possible through programming is infinite. I don't work as a programmer but am continuously creating solutions that can help humanity solve many of the problems we face. Even though I was enthusiastically learning new technologies and then using what I learnt to create social innovation platforms, I never made them available to the general public until recently with hightechmindfulness.com. Now I can see with absolute clarity why I felt the passion I felt when I first saw the computer even though I didn't know what it was for.

For me at least, passion for programming comes from purpose, even when I didn't know what that purpose was. When you know that you can create solutions to make the world a better place, passion comes naturally.

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