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Discussion on: Render static site from Scala code

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Sakib Hadžiavdić Author

Thanks! :) Well, I was referring to server-side dynamics. Here you run sbt hepek, change a few files and they get rendered to files. You copy them to your server and serve them statically...

Of course you can have your Javascript do whatever you want to. You could even try to use Play, ScalaJS and ScalaCSS and build everything from Scala... :D

Or did I miss the point?

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Albrecht Scheidig

Not sure :-)
What we implemented was server-side, too. Groovy is a JVM language like Scala is, and it also supports traits etc. And you can implement your own DSLs, supporting syntax similar to yours:

div(class: "xyz") {
  span("Text goes here")

But we used it inside our web application server to create dynamic content, thus accessing context.

And I guess your approach would also be capable to support dynamic content.

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Sakib Hadžiavdić Author

Oh, I see now. I forgot to mention here that I'm using Scalatags library (not mine)... Similar stuff to yours. Keep hacking! :D