How I upgrade my Mac for development in Catalina macOS

SaKKo on November 13, 2019

My previous post How I setup my Mac for development will work just fine with older macOS. But now that it's Catalina, bash has been changed to zsh... [Read Full]
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Thanks for this article. I'm having issues with installing RVM the way you have described.... I always get this error:

mkdir: /User_Provile.rvm/src: Read-only file system

Did you run into this? I have followed the same procedure described.


It looks like my .rvm folder was moved into the "Relocated Items" folder on my desktop as part of the Catalina upgrade... Can't figure out where to move this folder to make it compatible again.


i always clean install new OS to prevent this. Not sure if you can just delete it and reinstall r again.

Do you mind sharing what the path to your .rvm folder installs to through your process so that I can verify that I've moved it to the same location



Xcode needs to be updated
------------ developer.apple.com/download/

NFS in docker
----------- firehydrant.io/blog/nfs-with-docke...

Endpoint security VPN
---------- supportcontent.checkpoint.com/file...

Also sadly Apache Directory Studio does not work with Catalina so a replacement is needed if used.


Few years ago I've also installed everything manually, but now I know how to docker databases and so on. My life is much, much easier. Especially when you have to use same database with different version for different projects.


i have to save disk space, this one only has 256gb.


Helpful article, the export NVM_DIR part bailed me out.


Nice write up. Thanks for this it helped me to get nvm, node, npm back after updating to Catalina.

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