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Discussion on: How to Get an Object Length

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Samantha Ming Author • Edited

Totally fair assessment! I guess I always just associated length to the size, since length is the property being called for array or strings. So naturally when I was thinking of getting the size of an object, I automatically default to referring it to length as well 😅 I guess that's why Lodash opted for size and not length. This is probably the best thing with sharing an article. It always opens up a conversation. I'm glad you shared your comment! Now, I learned something. Thank you for explaining with such clarity! 😊

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Sébastien Vercammen

You're absolutely right. Semantics, to define the meaning of things, is great to have conversations about if you find the right people.

Meaning is flexible, after all, until something is defined. Exploring this creates new understanding and perspectives, which works wonders to break out of black/white thinking.