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How To Ace A Video Interview

By 2027, more than 5 million jobs are expected to grow in the technology industry. To hire highly qualified candidates for these positions, hiring departments need to thoroughly test the candidates and even look for the globally scattered talent. But, this requires a lot of time, that the business organizations don't have. Thus, by using the advanced streams of technology, video interviewing is turning out to be the best solution because -

  • It let recruiters shortlist candidates quickly
  • Even interview the globally scattered talent

What is a Video Interview?

The video interview is a method of conducting interviews by managers or recruiters to test the skills and personality of candidates face to face who are present in different geographical locations. This practice will save up traveling cost and fasten up the recruitment.

Tips to Effectively Organise Video Interview

In the upcoming years, the job recruitment process will get 74% more competitive. That’s why recruiters need to step up in their game so they can grab the attention of the finest professionals. Video interviews can be a great tool to hire the best talent for your company. But, to organize the video interviews, keep a few things in your mind -

Tip 1. Test your Gadgets Beforehand

When you have scheduled a video interview with the candidate, then before the appointment test all the hardware and software tools. You should test your microphone, headphones, and laptop functionality so that nothing can interrupt the interview season. Moreover, check your internet connection stability because low networks can really delay the interview process. Just make sure to check everything that you require to conduct a video interview properly.

Tip 2. Check the Lighting

Before starting a video interview, make sure that you are sitting under the perfect lighting direction. If the lighting is too low or extremely bright, then job applicants won’t be able to see you properly. Thus, when you conduct a video interview, then never sit directly behind the window because too much light can make you look unclear, and similarly, don’t sit in the darkroom. So, check the lighting of your room properly before starting the interview process through videos.

Tip 3. Place Camera Properly

The entire purpose of organizing a video interview is to perform face to face interview. Now, if your camera isn’t placed correctly, then you won’t be able to organize a face to face interview. The camera should be positioned in such a manner that your face and upper torso can be easily seen by the other person. The facial gestures and movements play a very vital role in making the interview process impactful.

Tip 4. Keep it Short and Simple

The best way to make a good video interview impression would be to keep it short and simple. You need to prepare the entire content for the video interview beforehand and keep it brief. The longer you drag the interview, the more you will lose the interest of the professionals because they don’t have hours to spend on an interview. Moreover, keep the content of information simple and ask relevant questions in the interview. In the interview, you need to listen to candidates carefully and then ask questions according to their response.

Tip 5. Add Real Touch

You might be conducting an interview through a screen, but on the other side of the screen, a human is present. So, don’t let go of the human touch from your video interview. You can share pleasantries and informal conversations like the way you do in your regular interviews. It is the responsibility of a recruiter to create a comfortable video interview atmosphere for the candidates as they are already nervous.

Tip 6. Keep Background Clear

The background in which you are sitting to conduct an interview should be clear and must not contain any element of the distraction. If people are walking or talking behind you, then this will be very distracting for the applicants. You need to sit behind the wall or any other plain background to avoid any chances of distracting candidates.

Take Away

Today, video technology is used by 60% of managers and recruiters because it is highly beneficial and effective. So, if you follow the effective video interview tips, then you can easily hire the best professionals for your company without going through the hassle of long interview processes.

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