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Discussion on: 5 Q&A's on Writing and Selling My First Book

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Sam Borick

I was thinking about this and I want to ask you:
How do you draw the line between content that you 'learn in public' and content that you 'reserve' for paid material?

I'm working on something and I want to be open about what it is, but I worry about sharing too much and then people won't need to buy my thing. I know this is irrational, but at the same time I need to draw the line somewhere and I'm not sure where.

In any case this article was super helpful for me!

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swyx Author

it's a tough one. as I demonstrated, I don't really know the answer. some content is viral so it helps serve the marketing purpose. other content is important but not viral. so I would share the ones that you think have a higher chance to be viral.

you can also choose to share "drafts" in public, but say that the polished final version will be in the book.

good luck