How to learn a new programming language or concept

Samer Azani on April 15, 2019

Last year I started learning react, and I want to share how I started doing this. Below is my process when I want to learn something new and get ... [Read Full]
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Nice, same as me with a little difference.
I do not use Twitter and I am putting on the first place, starting a project that I like and then using site's like Udemy.

I tried it like you mentioned, by following a path and just start a course without a project in mind, but when the hard part appears and I don't have an ongoing project to which I can relate, my brain will return an non zero exit code with regards to the things I am trying to learn.

So, because of this, I am always trying to work on a project and learn on the go.

This is prone to errors and having some bad code in the project, but next time you do something similar, you will have the experience of knowing what can go wrong and where to look for the correct answer.

Always go in to production with the things you know and understand very well.


Great to hear that. Doing your own project is really helpful and immerses you a lot into the code and problem-solving.


My first is probably adapt a tutorial/demo app. I'm more likely to start to make the right connections by doing that. Instead of staring at a blank IDE and wondering where to begin.


Thanks Samer..Looking for a Similar thread to Grab answers for questions i had regarding learning a new language...!Finally this thread helped me to make everything clear.Thanks a lot

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