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Cool post! Having such a large portion of the dev community communicating in your native language is something I think a lot of English speakers take for granted, myself included. In the spirit of constant improvement and help from native speakers, I've done some edits for you :). I hope they are helpful!

I used to be an awful writer, mainly because I have only learned English as a second language at school.

Yes, my English writing

You can cut English here, it is implied by the context.

And it took around two years of consistent work to reach a “not that bad” style of writing.

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I have spent around 4-5 hours to re-read, edit and confirm the end version of the post before publishing it.

Especially in the styles , you want to emulate

You don't need this comma.

I believe that one of the best ways to perfect writing skills and grammar is to read. And read a A lot.

Try to collect or keep notes of the writing templates the most used while doing a new post.

This does not quite make sense. Do you mean:

Try to collection or keep notes on the writing template you use the most.


Take notes on popular writing templates, and use them yourself.


I have use(d) the program in my everyday writing for over a year or more.

It helps find comma errors with ease, detect and correct repetitive words, and highlight(s) the missing details during the writing

Remember, that no one was born a professional and no one is perfect.

In the beginning, probably, you might will not be that good,


Amazing! 😃Thank you for the edits, and your spent time on that 🙏 I appreciate it ☺️and will correct the post later.


But you never did correct them!
I am not a native speaker myself but I noticed some of the errors that Sam Colburn saw.

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