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Discussion on: Why I am taking a break

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Samuel Roland • Edited on

Hey, it sucks a lot! I'm not sure to have understood all the context, but why can't you just leave your job (didn't understand if it's an old or new job)?
But actually, to turn this situation into new learning, what could be this learning according to you? How can we recognize which company is doing this kind of IP stealing? How can we make sure we will not fall in this situation too ?

(PS: Thanks for you article. I'm Swiss and speak french, so English is not my mother tongue sorry).

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Luke Liukonen Author

You are good! I just started at this company, and I want to give it a shot with them. The area I live in does not have a ton of tech jobs, and they are paying me well. The truth is, many larger companies have these kinds of terms while working for them. But I agree, it would be good to know this upfront before starting.