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Discussion on: My Definition Of A Senior Developer

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Scott Lavigne

"Fight for your opinion" this is the most important thing that I find developers lack, no matter how good or bad they are. Every place I've worked that had a bad dev culture or code base had this as the root cause. Doing things blindly because your team lead, CEO, CTO, or whoever told you to leads to bad code, and possibly building the wrong thing. If you disagree, say something, explain why, and then come to an understanding with all stakeholders. You or they may have info needed to get to the best outcome. Similarly, always ask why a feature is being implemented if its not obvious. It will help you do it better than if you don't know. You won't have to go to the card's creator if you have a question of 'should I do A or B for this?' because you will know which makes sense based on the reason for the change. Or it might help you realize they want this feature due to some issue they have with an existing feature that they don't realize can be easily changed. Like a report is missing a few fields and maybe they want an option to include a graph, so they suggest a whole new report system. But for sure, fight for your opinion, never be afraid to argue(not heatedly) to get to the best outcome. If you can't do that with your CTO, or boss, or whoever, consider looking for a better work place if you can.

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Jason C. McDonald


I definitely want to be teachable and open to having my ideas challenged. However, if I think I know something, I hold it pretty firmly until someone can make a better counterargument to my own. By that test, I find I'm right about as often as I'm wrong, and knowing that really helps limit my imposter syndrome.