Dynamic Feedback Management System

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My Final Project

Our final College Project was to build a Dynamic Feedback Management System.
It was built on MERN Stack, it is used for creating surveys and feedbacks by users and then mail it to recipients email IDs, from there, the recipients can submit their feedbacks straight from the email without tiresome redirections of multiple URLs that everyone hates. It also provided a good way to analyse Customer Responses which can be used to make better decisions for users in the future.

Demo Link

FeedBuzz Project URL

Link to Code

GitHub logo SanchitB23 / FeedBuzz

Final Major Project Year 2020

#FeedBuzz - Web App (Under - Development) Web App to take in Surveys for startups. It is based on MERN Stack Web Development.

Consists of

  • ReactJS
  • MongoDB (Atlas)
  • ExpressJS
  • NodeJS

Method to run this will be updated as soon as Beta1 is released.

Prerequisites :

  • Npm and NodeJS
  • Code Editor / IDE (VS Code/Webstorm etc)
  • Browser
  • Knowledge of ReactJS

Tool Versions Used:

  • Node version: v11.9.0
  • NPM version: 6.11.3
  • Node version selected in MongoDB Atlas Connect: 2.2.12 or later

How I built it

I used quite a lot of services from github education like Jetbrains Webstorm, Stripe, SendGrid,Heroku.


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