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Sandeep Balachandran
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Bootstrap 5 Alpha Released

Hey there,
Today lets talk about BS new ground breaking upgrades.

Bootstrap 5’s very first alpha has arrived!

  • Bootstrap no longer depends on jQuery
  • Dropped support for Internet Explorer
Before you jump to updating, please remember v5 is now in alpha—breaking changes will continue to occur until first beta.They haven’t finished adding or removing everything, so check for open issues and pull requests as you have questions or feedback.

Major Changes

  • JQuery and Javascript
  • In addition to dropping jQuery, they have made a handful of other changes and enhancements to JavaScript in v5 that focus on code quality and bridging the gap between v4 and v5. One of the other larger changes was dropping the bulk of Button plugin for an HTML and CSS only approach to toggle states. Now toggle buttons are powered by checkboxes and radio buttons and are much more reliable.

  • CSS custom properties
  • As mentioned,started using CSS custom properties in Bootstrap 5 thanks to dropping support for Internet Explorer. In v4 only included a handful of root variables for color and fonts, and now added them for a handful of components and layout options.

    Take for example our .table component, where we’ve added a handful of local variables to make striped, hoverable, and active table styles easier:

.table {
  --bs-table-bg: #{$table-bg};
  --bs-table-accent-bg: transparent;
  --bs-table-striped-color: #{$table-striped-color};
  --bs-table-striped-bg: #{$table-striped-bg};
  --bs-table-active-color: #{$table-active-color};
  --bs-table-active-bg: #{$table-active-bg};
  --bs-table-hover-color: #{$table-hover-color};
  --bs-table-hover-bg: #{$table-hover-bg};

  // Styles here...

  • New look and feel

  • Built on the improvements to docs homepage in v4.5.0 with an updated look and feel for the rest of docs. Docs pages are no longer full-width to improve readability and make site feel less app-like and more content-like. In addition, upgraded sidebar to use expandable sections (powered by Collapse plugin) for faster navigation.

    Logo changed

    For More Deails Check out the official news
    Check it out now

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