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Free HTML5 CSS3 Landing Page Template 2021 🚀

Hi guys!

Start 2021 with a blast by using my free landing page template called Appy made with HTML5 and SASS. Can be used for e.g. SaaS software or app.

Checkout the live demo


This layout is custom designed and built by me, free for commercial and personal use!


  • HTML5 & CSS3 with animations
  • BEM CSS conventions
  • Independent components
  • Fully responsive
  • CSS Flexbox & Grid
  • Pure CSS menu toggle
  • Mobile first
  • 0.6s load time

This template is using SASS so make sure to have node.js installed on your machine, see the repo for instructions:

Checkout the repository

If you would like to see more of these free templates, please let me know!

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