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Installing minikube,kubectl with chocolatey - windows

In this blog we will try to learn how to install minikube and kubectl for windows.

The easiest for any software to be installed on windows would be to use chocolatey

One instance chocolatey immense helped us was in a situation where we were asked to switch laptop with better configuration. In an enterprise you would need to download software from 'software centre' or ask IT teams to install it for you. In this case we provided this case we provided the chocolatey script to admin team to run it as a script! it helped both the teams i.e. dev and IT team.

Coming back on how to install minikube..., it's very easy, run below command.

choco install minikube
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make sure you run the above command in powershell with admin privileges.

Similarly you can install kubectl using below command.

choco install kubernetes-cli
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Basically you can install any software for windows easily using chocolatey, above are just example.

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