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What I learnt from the GSOC 2021 Application

Here are all the problems that I faced while applying to GSOC 2021 as a learner🙂

This is my first article😊

It all started in the month of January. When I started my Open Source contributions, I faced a lot of problems😢 using git and git-bash but slowly I got the grip and started making Pull Request to some of my own repositories. With this, I uploaded all my project to the Github website. All this took time and I reached the end of January. By the beginning of February, I planned to raise some issue to some popular repo. I raised some documentation and some typing errors. These helped me gained some knowledge on how to raise a PR and how to write an issue template. At the end of February, I shortlisted some organisation🧧 based on my interest and skill set which are present in GSOC as well. Then I started reading their codebase to understand the working of the web app. In some days time, I was able to contribute some examples to the website. Google then released some changes for the GSOC program 😮

Some major changes

  • Time period was reduced to 1.5 months
  • Stipend reduced to $1500
  • More students to be selected this year
  • Organisations reduced

The number of organisations selected for this year was nearly the same, some organisations were replaced with new ones and some removed. The application process was the same as for the previous years. We have to prepare a proposal and submit it to the organisation before the deadline. The main ingredient of the application process is to prepare a really good proposal, which in itself is a tough task. I have applied for the Processing organization. It was a really good learning experience for me as a learner I get to know how to communicate with others and build a better connection with the Open Source Community.

Thanks for scrolling 🤗

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