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This is classic USA where political correctness seems to be the most important. Often words have multiple meanings in this case it is just a convention. I don't believe for a second that any person had connected this to the unfortunate history. Actually the first moment the connection was made when this announcement was made, revealing that some decision makes are overjealous about the topic but not where it matters.

Like mentioned by others, there are much worse usages of the word in the industry and nobody had complained of made the connection. Slavery is a shameful part of the global history but for better or worse it has been a reality that also conveys certain meanings that are necessary elsewhere like ICT but not necessary evil. If we start doing this then by all means let's rewrite history in an effort to try to change what happened because it is inconvenient. But the value of history is its educational power. We should be learning from it and make sure we avoid the same mistakes and try to correct the unjust of the past with actions that matter. Not by dismissing the master branch or the matter slave concept.

At the end, the person who thought this is important should apologize and the company should show real plans to help fix the incorrect and not trying to hide behind the word.

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