re: Hi Sarah, Great post. I never thought of doing an Input component before, so that was also a great addition skill beyond the Fragment explanation ...

Thanks Roger, I'm glad you like the post. Thanks also for pointing out the error. I used the input field solely for an explanation. Should use a better example next time.


Oh my no it was great. I'm just in the early stages of learning React so for me I loved your Input component and I was serious about replicating it in some form in my own work. I recognize you it's just an 'example', but does that also mean making each input into a component as you've done isn't a good idea?

Btw I tried to use your lesson yesterday and couldn't quite get it to work. Darn! I was so excited to try Fragments finally.

Again thank you for your article. Don't feel bad about your examples, they were very helpful, so in that context they were the perfect choices :)

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