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I'm exercising at home almost every day for an hour and I actually ended up being in much better shape now, after 6 weeks of isolation, than before :D

I also try to cook every day and eat more veggies. I honestly don't remember the last time I ate junk food. Taking a lot of vitamin supplements as well.

The state of mind is also very important, so I reserved a corner on the balcony where I read books when the weather is nice :)


Wow, that's so much more commitment than me!

Need to up my game and start doing more exercise but limited space in my flat unfortunately...

More veggies is a great shout - I starting eating vegetarian at the start of the year and definitely noticed being far healthier during this than I would've been last year!

Great plan with the balcony too, I'm doing similar with my deck so that I can have a good divide between work & relaxing!


Haha well, the exercising is actually the result of my fear of gaining weight now that I sit/lay all day :D

Hey - If it works, it works! :D

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