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Discussion on: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Microservices

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Sara Miteva Author

I completely agree with you Phil.

Usually, there are a lot of variations of microservice architecture out there. Teams are trying to create something that they think will be the most suitable solution for them. A few years ago, when we were starting with microservices we tended to create a microservice for each entity in the system and one microservice which was doing all the business logic and orchestration of other services. Quickly that service became sort of a monolith.

We realized that this is a bad design so after that we took a step back and started developing microservices that will solve certain domain problems like Continuous Integration, User management, etc. Now we have fewer microservices but still are able to organize our teams in multiple squads and spend very little time on maintenance on our infrastructure.

I guess the crucial thing is to find the right time and the extent to which embrace the microservice architecture.

Thank you for the additional resources :)