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Discussion on: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Microservices

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Sara Miteva Author

Interesting approach Peter, sounds catchy.

What would be the boundaries of the problem this kind of platform would solve? Is it everything you could imagine, or the focus will still be in certain areas like software delivery automation, IoT, finances etc.?

In my opinion, a general-purpose platform would give more flexibility but at the same time it would require strict knowledge and expertise to define and represent the problem to be solved.

If you consider a SaaS that abstracts a great amount of complexity with delivering web applications or microservices on Kubernetes, for somebody to be able to do the same in a general-purpose platform would require a lot of time and expertise to make it work.

Usually, there are cases when somebody likes more flexibility and cases where somebody likes to focus primarily on building the business and leave other aspects to be solved by competent SaaS.

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Peter Harrison

The situation with this project is complicated. It is not an offering you can buy or something you can find in a public open source repo, at least not yet.
We don't yet have a system capable of creating fully rich business applications. There are some missing components to be considered a full application development platform, but it is being used to deliver multiple analytics applications. The trajectory is toward a business application development environment.
My experience so far is that you need designers with a good understanding of data and UI design. These designers don't need to know how to code, but they do need to know about databases, data transformations, how to set up visualizations and navigation. Once configured it has a elegant UI for the users.
Basically there are three tiers. There are the developers who maintain the core platform infrastructure. Then there are designers who configure applications who are not coders but who are skilled with the tool. Then there are users who simply use the finished applications.
I'm not keen to claim this a totally generic 'application development' system because I'm fully aware of the folly of such claims. It aims at business systems which work with textual data and business processes communicating with other systems and partners.
I know this might sound 'too good to be true', but it is founded on some hard won experience and good ideas from many people over several years. Hopefully one day I will be able to show everyone.