Make A Diff's "Workathon" Recap for 12/3 event

saronyitbarek profile image Saron ・2 min read

Here's a recap of our first Make A Diff workathon, an all day event where coders, designers, and techies worked on one of three featured, social good, projects.

Active Project Repo

Repo Civic Tech Projects

Stats 27 commits, 2 branches (1 for hosting gh-pages), 6 issues worked on

Accomplished By the end of the workathon, they had a complete project workflow setup (built for scale), an initial process for project submission/review, project cards with dummy text, and a hosted gh-page

Get Involved Backend workflow still needs to be formalized. Data should be pulled from various sources (API & static) using the standardized civic.json format. For more information, reference our more detailed issues on Github.

Code Corps

Repo Code Corps

Stats We had 8 PRs opened from the work done during the day from 4 contributors.

Accomplished everyone keyed in on an area of the app which was underdocumented: authentication. Now we have an opportunity to improve the dev processes around that. So the team bubbled up a lot of onboarding roadbumps and also opened PRs for some outstanding issues from the two repos.

Get Involved Join the slack! It's the perfect entry point for anybody interested in getting involved: http://codecorps.slack.com. Here's a sneak peek at our roadmap: Stripe managed accounts, UI redesigns, organization onboarding flows and of course code refactors. Our immediate goal is to bring the rest of the service online after the holidays so that we can start using the platform to manage the rest of its build out. If you want to have an impact on a project that's going to provide serious utility to a lot of people very quickly, now is a great time to get involved.

If you've already jumped on the Code Corps project, We want to make it as easy as possible to get started, but we need to know from you what works. Right now we're trying different things and seeing what sticks. Please take two minutes and give us your feedback here

Fake News Detector

Repo Fact Checker Website

Accomplished Built out the design of the website, developed and groomed a number of cards, set up an AWS instance, dockerized one of the repos, defined the content strategy, defined the tool's long term strategy, and started building the website's backend and frontend.

Get Involved There's a ton of stuff to do, so you can start by checking the issues and working on one you're excited about. Join our slack channel in the make-a-diff slack!


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