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Discussion on: Anyone who is studying the basics of programming, should have the right to study them in their own native language

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Omar Hussain

'Right' is a strong word. I would say everyone should have option to learn in local language, but this creates a language barrier when working with overseas clients. Also if someone thinks they should have a translated option, this cannot be expected of someone who speaks/writes english. This should be seen as an opportunity/ responsibility to make a localized terminology by ones who would want that option.

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Senja Jarva Author

Thanks for you thoughts Omar! I agree with you, if someone doesn't speak the local language, it shouldn't be expected or demanded of them, because it would just build another language barrier. I added a clarification to my post, that I wish that both the local language AND English material would be available.

You have an excellent point about working in a team that has some members overseas, and I also agree with that - when the only common language with your clients or team members is English, everyone should communicate using English. And I'm always telling people who want to work in IT industry, that they really need to have good English skills, if they want to work in IT, they have to be prepared to do so in English.

However, in this post, I'm talking about learning the very basics of programming - someone who is learning the very basics, isn't ready to code for work yet. If they want to work at some point, sure, they will have to learn the English terms (because all the advanced materials are in English, and in many companies/teams/projects communication is in English), but I'm saying that they don't need to do it immediately. They should have the peace of mind to learn the basic concepts first, and then learn the new vocabulary.