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Discussion on: From Frontend to Fullstack!

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Sathish Ramani

Thank you for the great article. Very informative! I am a complete newbie on this serverless topic. Just some curious questions - where do AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Function sit in this picture? They are a part of Amplify and Firebase respectively but allow us to actually define some code that gets executed on server side? or should they be considered as separate service offerings? Is it a correct understanding that Firebase (/Amplify) won't allow us to define any of our code in backend (beyond providing us a means to access the database) and that's where Google Clound Function (/Lambda) differ?

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K Author

Glad you like it!

Amplify as a service only consists of a mobile UI testing/snapshot service and a deployment service. Otherwise Amplify uses existing AWS services.

AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions are "Function as a Service" products/offerings, same goes for Azure Functions and Cloudflare Workers.

Lambda is part of Amplify in the sense that Amplify uses Lambda to do some things. For example, you can use Lambda to return some calculation from an API endpoint.

Firebase is a bit more self-contained and comes with more of its "own" serivces, but it integrates well with existing Google Cloud infrastructure. For example, there is a service called Cloud Functions for Firebase that lets you write "server side code" that gets executed when Firebase events happen.

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