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How to (not) read πŸ€“

πŸ‘† I just found this two posts together in the list, ironic, but random (I think so)

I'll share their URLs if you want to read them, but it isn't mandatory for understand this post:

Note: I won't critique the articles here, in fact, I read them and found them useful to be confident and post this article, you'll see why soon.
Note 2: there is an spanish version of this post thing that I encourage to do to everybody who isn't native english speaker, try to post your article in english AND in your mother tongue also (you can join this discussion here)

May be for someone who is taking their first steps in this professions to find a community like could be the greatest thing, because they could think this community will provide them that cuote of experience that they don't have (yet) and think they will be learning to implement ideas from rockstars developers.

Ok, that could be true at some point, but here is my thought about it:

Reviewing endless lists and tags we can found piece of advices like

  • What technology suit best for this task?
  • What framework suit best for this technology?
  • What workflow suit best for this framework?
  • What jargon suit best for this workflow?

Of course, that's an amazing knowledge to be learn! I'm sure is very important to know (at least the existence of) every new technology, framework, etc.

And here it is: the moment when you expect me to say "but"...

I won't use that B word...

I just want to ¿warn? to those who, like me, thought they had been found a community filled with "magical solutions" to complex problems: nope, it is not that kind of community 😬

Hey, that doesn't mean you can't found solutions reading posts, obviously you can, however, I'd like to make a point here: This community is extremely powerful, do you want to know why?

  • here you'll find multiple information sources
  • here you'll find true discussions (mostly constructive ones) between members, and even authors,

This tools are powerful because will allow you, regardless how "newbie" you are:

  • to discover reasons behind the plain information,
  • to create your own judgement over the plain information,

Finally, you'll end up with a better quality information that the original plain information itself could give you, and that quality will allow you to implement that "magical solutions" using your own wisdom.

I really want to say thanks to all of you to take from your time to share, to give advices, to teach... because even if nobody follow your advice at least they'll know why they took that desicion, and they won't be tempted to make that desicion because just another guy/girl say that's the thing to do.

Just to close the point: many times we are upset because the press isn't broad enough to reflect all the voices, then the people is biased to think as they want.

Here happens exactly the opposite thing! And at my best judgment that's the most powerful tool of all!

Really, thanks for your posts!

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