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Discussion on: 7 libraries to build Node.js CLI

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Saurabh Daware 🌻

I absolutely love prompts! I recently switched from inquirer to prompts and it helped me reduce my dependency tree.

I love commander as well, It has 0 sub dependencies and since it is popular it has good resources available (there are a lot of articles available about commander).

Great articleπŸ¦„ I haven't heard about a lot of them before.. I'll give them a try :D!

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🦁 Yvonnick FRIN Author

Thank you πŸ™Yesterday, I asked someone why using inquirer over prompts. Thank you for the dependency tree argument πŸ‘

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Terkel Gjervig

Thank you Saurabh, I'm glad you find Prompts useful!
Few dependencies are one of the main goals of Prompts - High five! πŸ–