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Python Project Challenge

Before I begin I just want to get this off my chest. I know how amazing python is as a first language but man is it discouraging. I have this list of apps or projects I would like to build but anyone who knew a programming language that was visual - by which I mean you could simply drag and drop widgets (GUI elements/objects) onto a form and design applications within seconds - before learning python knows that coding GUIs in python seems overbearing and feels completely unnecessary. Everytime I solve a problem and get that satisfying feeling it is short lived simply because whenever I want to show my work it doesn't really look impressive. I just don't see myself using python for side projects or for a career in general. No offence.

As much as my discontent for python has affected me I thought to at least to have a go at a project and finally make up my mind about this language. I would like to believe I've achieved a certain level of skill but I'll never truly now unless I challenge myself. Not going to lie the syntax took a while for me to get used to especially because I kept switching back and forth between languages @javascript, so now the time has come to prove myself by indulging in a project. And the project I've decided to embark on is... drum roll please


Wallpaper Automater!!! I know the name is terrible but it's the most concise way of putting it that I could think of at the time of writing. I of course don't NEED to name this program but I am open to any suggestions in the comments.

Anyway, the whole idea behind this program is that it will

  • Fetch stock images from a relevant API
  • Use a timer to keep track of the date
  • Change the wallpaper on my device daily

I mean the idea feels pretty simple. I should be capable of doing this right? The reason why I chose this project in particular is because I think it will help build my understanding of APIs, teach myself how to learn another python module by using the documentation and not a YouTube video, in case the documentation is too complicated or I am just lazy YouTube is my safety net, and the deciding factor is that it will not require a GUI because I was not in the mood for that :)

I intend to finish the project before the end of the week. Here is a link to the repository for anyone who wishes to contribute or learn alongside myself.

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