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Discussion on: Unit testing is simple

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William Narmontas Author • Edited

Great questions! I actually have a whole lot to say on this but that'd have to be a whole new article.

For greenfield, functional programming is the answer. You don't need to test "changes deeper down the call stack" because there's no such thing as a change. Pass a value, get a value back.

We've written large complex applications with two flavours of code:

  • unit-tested functional code.
  • functional/acceptance-tested mutable/side-effecting code, which wires up the functional code.

Both flavours test-driven, not test-after.

You say that this legacy code is not necessarily bad but missing testability. Assuming this, I say the following:

  • Approach it by repeatedly extracting as much purity from mutable parts as you can. You'll find there's a lot of code that does not actually need to be mutable.
  • Turn the left-over mutable parts into immutable parts.
  • Only do this incrementally and not in a single step. Small commits, small pull requests.

The cost of fixing is still less than rewriting from scratch. See Joel Spolsky's article about "Things you should never do".