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Discussion on: Rails 6: the missing developer setup guide

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Hi! Heroku Ruby buildpack maintainer, you shouldn’t need the extra nodejs buildpack, the Ruby buildpack installs yarn and node for you, then you don’t also need the extra code clearing the rake tasks.

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Vincent Voyer Author

Hi there! Thanks for jumping in, I tested again and here's the result:

  • used official rails 6 getting started here: (if you follow it, you'll also see there are some minors issues like: rails new already creates a GIT repo, ruby version is already specified)
  • when building, the output from Heroku website is not the one I am getting: screenshot

As you can see, there are two yarn installs being done somehow vs one in your tutorial. But again, I just used the exact same commands (Rails 6.0.1). It seems others are also wondering what's happening: and

I bet this is not an issue of the Ruby buildpack but more an issue of Rails. There's also maybe no issue but if so then I would love for you to explain to me what's going on maybe.

From my point of view it's easier for Rails to leave the whole "package.json dependencies installation" to the users rather than trying to be smart about it.