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Discussion on: Tips for using Ansible

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"3. Don’t be afraid to use ‘shell’ or ‘command’"

Ansible actually advises against resorting to utilizing shell commands because they don't maintain state. Ansible has no visibility with shell commands. It's best to:

  • find a module in Ansible
  • look at Ansible-galaxy for a collection to see if someone else wrote a module
  • potentially write a module
  • IF NEED BE, utilize the command line.

the command line makes it rather convenient, but you lose a lot of the core functionalities of Ansible.

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Tom Watt Author • Edited on

Thanks for the comment, I am aware that Ansible is against use of ‘shell’ & ‘command’ and updated the post. The point is more at the fact that some modules are complex and who ever maintains the code and uses them in a Task in the future might not be as knowledgeable and understand it if it needs changing.

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Andrey Ramnikov

It is impossible to cover everything with Ansible. In many cases I have to use shell commands for deployments. One example is IBM WebSphere deployment.