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_why interviews DHH

Past Rubies is a tiny weekly newsletter that shares curated historical content from the Ruby community. Consider it Ruby's version of 'on this day in history'. New issues every Wednesday. Get issues straight to your inbox

_why interviews DHH


Christmas Eve 2004 (!) saw our favorite why the lucky stiff interviewing DHH. They cover Instiki, the future of Rails, music and skyscrapers.

Peter Cooper's RubyInside releases the ultimate Ruby advent calendar


_What a treat for our readers to peruse over the Christmas Holiday break. As hinted last week, here is Peter Cooper's amazing Ruby advent calendar released back in 2006. You have interesting Ruby snippets, cool links, and even shnazzy wallpaper. If you're a Ruby history buff like me, this is a gold mine _

Why Rubinius matters to Ruby's future


This post released 11 years ago this week by Reg Braithwaite goes into the importance of Rubinius. At that time Engine Yard had five full time staffers working on Rubinius. Pretty interesting discussion in the comments below.

What makes Rails a framework worth learning in 2017


Once in a while I'm allowed to treat myself to a link *not* on this week in history, right? We are likely to take a break during the festive season so it feels appropriate to wrap things up with this post from DHH. Enjoy!

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