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There are tons of videos about programming. Similarly, sometimes when I open news articles they lead to YouTube videos, which I find frustrating. I want to read.

Why do developers and news organizations produce content in video form when I'd rather read? Because while I prefer to read, some people prefer to watch videos. We're all different and we process information differently.

UML is useful if looking at diagrams of code helps you understand code. Otherwise it's useless. I'm in the second category. If I want to understand code I'll look at the code. If I need an overview I'd rather read a well-written paragraph or two.

Why do we need to understand code? Isn't it primarily so that we can modify and maintain it? If we were never going to change it, why would we need to understand it?

There's only one place where we can communicate intent in a way that doesn't become inaccurate as soon as we change the code, and that's in the code. If we're not looking at the code and trying to understand it, then we don't need to understand it. In that case, why do we need diagrams? If we create diagrams but don't make the code itself understandable, is it possible that the diagrams were wasted effort?

I'm not saying UML is bad because I'm sure they're helpful to some people. But I'm not likely to look at them and I'd rather put my energy first into making the code understandable, and, when necessary, describing it with written words. I don't know if the next developer reads UML diagrams either, but we all read.

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